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Easily change everything

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Builder features

Built for ease of use

vanaf dag één.

No coding skills? No experience with web design? No problem! Our innovative visual builder enables any user to create great, modern websites.

Intuïtief en rommelvrij

Niets zegt meer ‘intuïtief’ dan een tool die alleen laat zien wat nodig is voor de taak en alles verbergt wat niet nodig is.

It's the visual design that finally matured.

Real-time editing

No more disjointed experience, build and edit everything right before your very eyes.

Drag & drop

Organize and move everything you see on the screen with a simple movement of your cursor.

On the edge

The Cairocks Webbuilder is built on React, the open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. This is the go-to technology for UI.


Forms, sliders, and tabs are just a few of the premium tools included in the free version.

Tools om te creëren

Save time and effort with our innovative content tools.

Speed ​​up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show the most options for each element on top. This significantly reduces mouse movements and saves time.

Optimized for every screen

See the big picture.

Or the smaller picture.

We have built three different viewports - desktop, tablet and mobile, each canvas with its own dedicated toolset, so you can offer your visitors a complete viewing experience.




Packed with unique features

Cairock's web builder includes free tools that other builders only offer as paid features

Visual contact


No complex plugins.

Say hello to the future: Visual Contact Forms!

Sliders for each block

Each block of content can be turned into an animated slider at the click of a button.

Opgeslagen & global blocks

Werk alle instanties van een globaal blok bij vanaf één plek. Geweldig voor het herhalen van inhoud.

Kopiëren plakken

Copy and paste content from within the same page or another. Also works with styles.

Redo & undo

Go back to a previous state with our Undo functionality. Or redo steps to work faster.

Right-Click Menu

Get quick access to quick links and selection tools with just a right click on

uw muisknop.

Reorder blocks

Drag between live views of your blocks to rearrange your content.

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