A website project can be a daunting process.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions

How much does a website cost?

All websites are tailor-made and tuned to make your business a success. Once we've fully discussed what your website needs to accomplish, I can provide the exact cost that we are confident you will recoup.

Cost guideline

Marketing websites - projecten kosten doorgaans tussen de € 2.250

E-commerce websites - projectkosten beginnen vanaf € 3.995

Design visuals - projecten kosten doorgaans tussen de € 350 - € 1.500 (gebaseerd op in totaal 4-8 visuals)

How long will my website project take?

Timescales depend on the size of the project and the time it takes to provide content, information and feedback. Use the below as a rough guide.

Timescales guideline

Marketingwebsites - ongeveer 3-8 weken

E-commerce websites - ongeveer 6-12 weken

Ontwerpvisuals - ongeveer 1-3 weken (gebaseerd op 4-8 totale beelden)

How soon can we start?

Once we agree on the project and you have paid the first payment, I schedule the work. There is usually a 1-2 week turnaround time. During this time all content can be delivered.

What are your payment terms?

Marketing websites - de betaling wordt opgesplitst in drie fasen bij de belangrijkste mijlpalen van het project. 40% vooraf, 30% zodra de ontwerpfase is voltooid, en vervolgens de laatste 30% voordat de website live gaat.

E-commerce websites - soortgelijke betalingsstructuur als marketingwebsites, maar als er ook een back-endontwikkelaar bij betrokken is,

a payment structure is agreed between all parties.

Design visuals - 50% vooraf en de resterende 50% voordat de visuals worden geleverd. Voor grotere projectbetalingen moeten mogelijk over mijlpalen worden verdeeld.

What do I need to get started?

Content - Ik vraag om conceptinhoud tijdens de Structuur- en inhoudsfase van het project (zie mijn proces). Hierdoor kunnen we bespreken hoe de inhoud moet worden gestructureerd om ervoor te zorgen dat deze alle doelen bereiken.

Foto's - Hoge resolutie afbeeldingen van het product of dienst zijn essentieel om jouw bedrijf recht te doen. Als je deze nog niet heeft, kunnen we bespreken welk type shots en styling je nodig heeft.

Branding - Een vectorversie (ai, eps, pdf of svg-bestand) van je logo is (indien mogelijk) vereist, en alle andere branding / marketingmiddelen die u heeft. Als je een van deze mist, laat het me weten bij het eerste contact en ik kan je in contact brengen met freelancers om te helpen.

How much input can I have during the process?

My trial encourages you to participate. You know your company inside and out, without this knowledge being brought into the project,

we will not end up with the best result. I would like us to approach your project project as partners rather than as a customer and supplier.

Read more about what I do.

I already have a developer for my project, can you do the design?

Yes! I can produce the ad for your developer to turn into a functional website or app. I can also create static design visuals with different resolutions to help adapt the website to different screen sizes.

See my Design Visuals-service for more information.

Will I be able to edit my website when it is ready?

Absolutely, all marketing websites are built on a Content Management System (CMS). This means that you can edit and add content to the site. A training session will be conducted to ensure you are confident about updating your website (see training question below).

Do you offer training on how to manage my website?

Yes! For marketing websites, we organize a one-on-one training session of 1 hour to help you manage your website. This will be done via a video call so that I can share the screen. I would love to stay in touch with you after launching your website to make sure it continues to work for your business.

Will my website be search engine (SEO) friendly?

I will build your website with on-page SEO and make Google search engines crawl your website easily. I will make sure the website is well structured, validates according to the latest web standards, images optimized, contains all metadata fields, has user-friendly URL structure and fast loading.

After the website is launched, there must be an ongoing marketing effort to drive traffic to your website. This also means that you ensure that the content of your website remains current and relevant (a blog is ideal for this).

Can you help with post-launch website maintenance?

The monthly packages include maintenance (excluding extra work on the site).

When a website is delivered (which will remain in-house) I will fix any bugs for a period of 14 days after your website has gone live. This does not include extra work on the site. However, an ongoing maintenance package is negotiable.

Do you offer web hosting?

Hosting is included in all monthly plans. For more information, see prices.

Do you offer maintenance / ongoing support packages?

Yes. For more information, see prices.

Do you use WordPress?

Yes, only WordPress is used as CMS. This, in combination with the own developed Cairocks Webbuilder, makes it easy for you to make certain adjustments to the website.

I need to modify an existing template, can you help?

I do not take on projects that change standard website templates.

Does my website need an SSL Certificate?

Ja, en bij alle pakketten wordt er een gratis Let's Encrypt SSL geïnstalleerd op je website.

Let's create your website together!

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